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In the heart of athens

You will be staying in Omonia, the most central district of Athens. You are in walking distance from the urban subway, bus and taxi stations, the central downtown
market with commercial shops of all kind, restaurants, bars, attractions, nightlife, monuments, activities and tourist places (acropolis,plaka).
Because of our central location your stay with us is absolutely safe because we are guarded by both security and the local police department through the night.

Private and shared rooms for all ages

For your stay with us, we offer you to choose between many types of rooms, depending on your taste and the money you can spend. You have the option for both private and shared room types. We respect all ages of our guests equally.

Best Value for money choice

If you choose to stay with us you will have the option to choose the type of room that suits your needs and wallet. The philosophy on our affordable prices is the reason why 28.000 thousand of happy visitors choose us every year. We offer you the best prices in relation to the services we offer.

All Year Open

Our hotel welcomes different guests from all over the world, all seasons of the year. We make sure we are always friendly and helpful with all our Customers. We avoid the formality of hotels, we are comfortable and friendly with our customers.

24 hrs reception

Our reception is at your disposal 24 hours per day providing our gustes with helpful information about their stay and tours or activities in the city of athens.

Cozy and open minded

We are an innovative and friendly hotel that breaks all stereotypes in service and price.
We dont care who you are, we dont care where you come from, we dont care what you believe, we dont care about your sex, we only care about you have a good time staying with us, be happy and return back in the future as a friend.

Gay and Pet friendly

You are welcome to stay in our hotel with you partner or friend independend from your or his/her sexual orientation: straight, gay or anything else. Pets are also allowed in our hotel. If you have questions about our pet friendly policy, please don't hesitate to ask our staff.

Meeting and Play Room

The heart and soul of our hotel lies in the meeting and play room area where people from different places and cultures meet and communicate with each other. Automatic seller machines are at your disposal for drinks, refreshments and snacks. You can enjoy board games, read books, talk and socialize with people from all over the world. We are a multi-culti environment.

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