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Experience Athens Downtown

Here you can find some recommended activities in the heart of athens, while staying in Sparta Hotel. Our hotel's location enables you to be in walking distance with almost everything!

Discover athens downtown hot places for food, drinks, entertainment and lots more.







Walk and food in Plaka

Στη σκιά της Ακρόπολης και των αρχαίων της ναών, η χτισμένη πάνω σε λόφο Πλάκα δίνει την αίσθηση χωριού. Μικρά καταστήματα που πωλούν κοσμήματα, ρούχα και τοπικά κεραμικά, πλαισιώνουν τους στενούς λιθόστρωτους δρόμους. Υπαίθρια καφέ και οικογενειακές ταβέρνες μένουν ανοιχτά ως αργά και ο θερινός κινηματογράφος Cine Paris προβάλλει κλασικές ταινίες. Εκεί κοντά, τα ασβεστωμένα σπίτια στη συνοικία Αναφιώτικα προσδίδουν μια ατμόσφαιρα ελληνικού νησιού

For coffee or food in monastiraki

Monastiraki is a busy area with emblematic attractions, such as the ruins of the Hadrian's Library, the Ancient Agora of Athens and the restored Stoa of Attalos, which houses a museum with Athenian exhibits. The open-air market of Monastiraki has shops with traditional soaps, handmade sandals and souvenir T-shirts. The streets of the area are full of traditional taverns and restaurants, many of which overlook the Acropolis.

A walk in Thissio

The Great Walk of Athens through the pedestrian street Apostolou Pavlou leads from Makrigiannis and the Acropolis, to Thiseio. Thiseio is a limited small district-area of ​​Athens located northwest of the Acropolis, between the districts of Asteroskopio (south), Petralona (southwest), Kerameikos (west), Psyrri (north), while to the east Thiseio borders Monastiraki and the Ancient Agora of Athens. It has been characterized as a traditional settlement. In the same area is a remaining part of the once small district of Stoa Attalou. It takes its name from the adjacent Temple of Hephaestus, formerly called Thiseio, incorrectly, from the relief representations of Theseus' deeds on his foreheads.

Εntertainment in Gazi

Modern Gazi stretches around Technopolis, a remodeled gas plant with the interactive Industrial Gas Museum, contemporary art venues and a concert venue hosting indie, jazz and ethnic music performances. In the streets full of graffiti around Persephone Square (Voutadon Square) there are taverns, restaurants of international cuisine, as well as bars and clubs for gays that are full of people until dawn. Works by Greek artists are sold in galleries and private shops.

Nightlife in Psyrri

The lively area of Psyrri is located around Iroon Square, the lanes of which host restaurants offering delicacies and live music that includes rebetika (Greek blues). Bars with DJs stay open until late, as well as taverns serving traditional specialties such as meatballs and village salad. Small handicraft shops, often decorated with graffiti, sell handmade leather bags, indie fashion items and eccentric household utensils.

Shopping in Ermou street

Ermou Street is a shopping street in the historic triangle of the old city of Athens. Ermou is located in the heart of Athenian trade, with the Varvakeio neighborhood market in Athena and the open-air flea market in Abyssinia Square growing around it. It has always been a place of development of local trade and a historical point of emergence of the middle class of merchants with Greek fabrics, shoes, clothing and dowry items, due to its proximity to Metaxourgeio and the craft zone to the west of Athens. It is the fifth most expensive shopping district in Europe and the tenth in the world. The Byzantine church as seen from the side towards the Parliament.

Next to the metro and all means of public transport

The system of public transport of the urban complex and the metropolitan area of ​​Athens, consists of a system of metropolitan railway (Metro), trams, buses and trolleybuses, while part of the transport project is covered by the Suburban Railway. In the rest of the prefecture of Attica, most of the transport project is covered by intercity buses (KTEL), while the rest is served by the Suburban Railway. The Athens Metro is a network of underground, overground and aboveground urban railways of Attica and specifically of the areas of the Metropolitan area of ​​Athens. It remains until the completion of the works of the Thessaloniki Metro, the only metro network in Greece.

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